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World War I Brief Information :

  • Begin: 28.07.1914 Austria-Hungary / Serbia

  • 01.08.1914 Germany / Russia

  • Armistice Agreement 11.11.1918

  • End: De Versailles Agreements 28.06.1919




World War 1 Facts

Comprehensive World War 1 Facts: This website features extensive data, figures and World War 1 facts in short form. Find out more about World War 1 reading topic-based articles. Also, the site offers a comparative presentation of important data about World War 1.

The goal of this site is to enlighten people's opinions on World War 1 and facilitate the understanding of connections in the history before, during and after World War 1.


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First, information and data from World War 1 are presented clearly and comment on them is passed. Country-specific summaries are available for students of World War 1 history. Each specific topic regarding the war is treated and discussed separately.

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World War 1 was the first world war in which all the great powers participated. It's not for nothing that World War 1 is widely regarded as one of the worst known in the history of mankind.

World War 1 Facts

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World War 1 Facts

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Facts World War 1


Finally, a personal remark: “With a first study of the facts of World War 1, it is easy to become overwhelmed. We hope that the information published here will help to reduce the risk of a future, terrible war – yes, we can hope! - as well as helping readers to quickly find out information on the topic of World War 1”


1. Weltkrieg Daten (German site)







World War 1 Facts




World War 1:


World War 1

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When was World War 1

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