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World War I Brief Information :

  • Begin: 28.07.1914 Austria-Hungary / Serbia

  • 01.08.1914 Germany / Russia

  • Armistice Agreement 11.11.1918

  • End: De Versailles Agreements 28.06.1919




When did World War 1 end

Comprehensive information about "When did World War 1 end?": The end of World War 1 finally came about on June 28th 1919, with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, officially bringing peace between all the nations involved.


When did World War 1 End



The ceasefire agreement took place the previous year, on November 11th 1918, and was signed in Compiegne.


For a better overview of World War One, the events of the war are divided as follows:

  • WW1 the first signs

  • WW1 the last gasp

  • WW1 important political events.

In subsequent sections, you will find this information listed in a chronological order.

When did World War 1 end? the first signs

December 15th 1917: a ceasefire agreement was signed between Soviet Russia and the Central Powers.

January 8th 1918: The United States, under the Presidentship of Woodrow Wilson, puts forth the Fourteen Point Plan program. Excerpts:



End of WW1



  • a) Clearance of territories occupied by Austria-Hungary and Germany

  • b) Alsace-Lorraine to be returned to France (this was one of the triggers of World War One)

  • c) Limitation of arms for all nations

  • d) The establishment of the League of Nations

  • March 3rd, 1918: The treaty of Brest-Litvovsk was signed, an agreement between Soviet Russia and Germany and its allies. Under the terms of the agreement, Russia was to lose more than a quarter of her European territories, including:

  • a) the Russian portion of Poland

  • b) the recognition of the Ukraine and Finland as independent nation states

  • c) the subsequent independence of Estonia and Livonia, later backed up by an addition to the contract (August 27th 1918)

The end of World War 1 turned out to be crucial for Russia's future including the interest during World War 1.

When did World War 1 end? the last gasp

Towards the end of World War 1, there were naturally signs of an imminent end. On:

April 21th 1918: Manfred von Richthofen (known popularly as the 'Red Baron'), one of Germany's most successful fighter pilots and a hero of the German Reich, was shot down near Vaux-sur-Somme

April 28th, 1918: Gavrilo Princip, the assassin of Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, died in prison


15th - 25th July 1918: The last major offensive of KUK troops commenced in Asiago, Italy

August 8th, 1918: In Amiens, the German army experience its 'Black Day'. The end of World War 1 is looming on the horizon (see also WW1 timeline).

When did World War 1 End? - important political events

September 29th 1918: Hindenburg and Ludendorff demanded of the German government that truce negotiations take place immediately, since the German home front looked likely to break within the next 24 hours.

October 28th 1918: A naval mutiny at Wilhemshaven paved the way for the November Revolution. The insurgency is stating to spread, and is threatening to consume the German Reich.

How did World War 1 End

The Workers' and Soldiers' Councils take power at the end of World War 1. Within an observational context, it is interesting to note that many of the German princes chose to resign towards the end of World War 1  (causes of WW1).

November 9th 1918: Max von Baden announces the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II

November 10th 1918: Kaiser Wilhelm II goes into exile in The Netherlands

Feburary 11th 1919: Friedrich Ebert becomes the first German Reich President post-World War 1 (Effects of World War 1)




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